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Self-titled CD (March 2009)Likely Stories CD

Likely Stories was a Madison-based group of three singer/songwriters who shared songwriting and lead vocal duties, backing each other on vocals, keyboards, cello, guitar, percussion, and sometimes fiddle, melodica and more! The group disbanned in 2009, though individual members are still active as soloists in the Madison area. These three musicians brought radically diverse styles together in an amazingly satisfying way. See members' individual web sites (links below) for more.
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Tracy Jane Comer  

Dave Schindele

Nancy Rost

Likely Stories - Tracy Jane Comer, Dave Schindele, and Nancy Rost

Likely Stories - Tracy Jane Comer, Dave Schindele, and Nancy Rost

Likely Stories - Tracy Jane Comer, Dave Schindele, and Nancy Rost

Hailed as "a versatile vocalist who writes compelling, visual songs" (Kweevak’s Tracks), Tracy Jane Comer is also a multi-instrumentalist (at least 6 and counting) and has made a name for herself in particular as a standout guitarist, pianist, and cellist. She has recevied numerous local and international awards. Her music has been heard on MTV and airs on radio on 4 continents. She has shared bills with national acts including Willy Porter, Peter Mulvey, LJ Booth, The Wailin’ Jennys, Holly Near, and more, and has performed as cellist with local and major label acts including Holly Brook. She is often compared to artists such as Patty Larkin, Joni Mitchell, Alex DeGrassi, Dar Williams, and Emily Saliers.

Dave Schindele writes and performs music for voice and piano. Its style is contemporary, with elements of jazz, classical, rock and musical theater. Favorite inspirations include singer-songwriters such as Carole King and Burt Bacharach, Broadway composers such as Stephen Sondheim, and Impressionists such as Claude Debussy.

Dave’s songs explore original musical territory and try to provide a medium for forecasting,working out and encapsulating the inner life.

Singer-songwriter-keyboardist Nancy Rost has been called "the love child of Tom Lehrer and Tom Waits" (  Her distinctive songs combine a jazz-influenced piano style with lyrics that are quirky, witty and heartfelt, often all at once.

Nancy's performances often include elements of improvisation:  "The laughter in the crowd is contagious, as everyone's thoughts are mixed in a tart, though refreshing, concoction of high witticisms and ardent applause."
- The Capital Times

Nancy's song "Golden Gate" on
Best Female Vocals in Acoustic / Best Keyboards overall/ Best Keyboards in Acoustic / Best Lyrics in Acoustic / Best Melody in Acoustic / Best Mood in Acoustic / Chill-Out Track overall / Chill-Out Track in Acoustic
Dave's song "Nicole" on
Best Mood in Acoustic / Best Keyboards in Acoustic / Best Male Vocals in Acoustic
Tracy's song "Yellow Bike" - Folk Song of the Year by SOWI
(Songwriters of Wisconsin International)


Rich Albertoni - The Isthmus, 08/21/2009 - Review of Likely Stories self-titled CD
"Tracy Jane Comer, Dave Schindele and Nancy Rost have teamed up to make the most creative concept album to come out of Madison so far this year.
     Likely Stories is a collection of nine musical tales making up three rounds of sonic turn-taking by the songwriters. It's a structure that highlights the stylistic breadth of the record.
     Schindele's acoustic piano is dreamy, rumbling with restlessness on 'A Matter of Time.' Later, he employs Comer's brooding cello on 'Nicole.' That track is an odd but gorgeous prayer for Nicole Kidman: 'Hope there's a there for you Nicole / Without a role, it's just you and your soul cast together.'
     Rost's jazzy arrangements are featured in 'Golden Gate,' about San Francisco suicide jumpers. Comer's 'Yellow Bike' is pure folk charm, looking back on a poor but happy childhood in a seaside town.
     The album's execution ultimately fulfills the ambitious concept, making Stories a local release to be reckoned with."


"...'This Ground' is absolutely superb. I enjoyed the wit in the polka. And if I let myself, I could be really, really jealous of that cello in Nicole..."   Tim F., Australia (from MySpace comment)

"I know I told you all how I enjoyed the show last night. I just wanted to say it again. Very relaxing and fun. Thanks for the good time." - Paul, Madison WI (from MySpace comment)

"Just finished checking out your tracks. Beautiful sounds--I'm looking forward to hearing more. And hopefully hearing you live someday..." - Doug H., Bristol, England (from MySpace comment)

(re: Golden Gate) "Love the mood this song creates. Gave me a Miles Davis-Kind of Blue feeling. The piano and cello are amazing enough together. The vocals and lyrics make this song an absolute gem." - Massachusetts reviewer (from

(re: Golden Gate) "Musically I am really enjoying myself, although there is a very melancholy mood and tone ... Unique and original. Not your typical female vocalist trying to sound like all the other female vocalists... She sings as if she is singing to me personally... The lyrics are extremely well crafted. This is one of those songs that you have to listen to in order to appreciate it completely. The lyrics almost force you to do that..." - Sandy, Utah (from

(re: Nicole) "Movie Soundtrack for sure! Beautiful piano work, great vocal quality pitch and tone. I love the strings, the melody works beautifully with the strings. A taunting, emotive musical journey, a wonderful experience. A pleasure to listen to and a breeze to review. I can hear this song on a movie soundtrack for sure. The mix is just right with a great balance of instrument and vocal."
- Reviewer in Gunnedah, NSW, Australia (from

(re: Nicole) Very nice production...outstanding song! I like the pretty piano work that opens this song...The lead singer has a great voice...nice to listen to. Lyrics are nice...vocals are clean and easy to understand (which is nice). I also like the cello in there...adds a full/deeper feel to the song....adds some depth. Very nice song. Good job! - Reviewer in Green Valley, Illinois (from