Likely Stories - Tracy Jane Comer, Dave Schindele, and Nancy Rost

Tracy Jane Comer  

Dave Schindele

Nancy Rost

Vocals, cello, guitar, bass,
piano, percussion, and more

Vocals, piano, & percussion including the famous "trongo"

Vocals, piano
& keyboards

MARCH 2009

Likely Stories CD

"...the most creative concept album to come out of Madison so far this year...The album's execution ultimately fulfills the ambitious concept, making Likely Stories a local release to be reckoned with."  [full review...]
Rich Albertoni, The Isthmus - 8/21/2009

Eclectic acoustic...
For fans of everything from Leonard Cohen to Frank Zappa.

"...'This Ground' is absolutely superb. I enjoyed the wit in thepolka. And if I let myself, I could be really, really jealous of thatcello in 'Nicole'..."   - Tim F., Australia (from MySpace comment)     [MORE...]

"Love the mood this song ['Golden Gate'] creates. Gave me a Miles Davis-Kind of Blue feeling. The piano and cello are amazing enough together. The vocals and lyrics make this song an absolute gem." - Massachusetts reviewer (from   [MORE...]

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